Training is currently available at our facility on limited basis.  New clients may be 2-3 weeks before openings. Please call or text to schedule.

Training spots are very limited, puppies (under 6 months) are a priority and often fill the schedule.  

The most common reasons clients contact us:

- First time puppy owners, want to do everything right

- My puppy is a nightmare, "bites" us, jumps on people, chews on things.

- Dog is "aggressive" towards people/other dogs (Fear and anxiety behavior modification)

- Dog is horrible on a leash                                                          

- "My dog barks at everything!"

- Dog is scared of everything (genetic anxiety and/or lack of proper foundation)



With behavior modification cases, an evaluation is required to start the process.  

Once we are confidence we have a grasp on the situation and the client agrees to the proposed plan to move forward, we give some simple instructions to get started including handouts and set the schedule.

Evaluations last 1hr at a cost of $80.  Optional phone evaluations are available at a cost of $1/min. Payment for evaluations is due same day (phone evaluations can be paid electronically or at the first in-person session).

Training basic behaviors is done with food reward.  If your dog does not currently work for food (we prefer their actual food vs treats), please let us know before signing up for training.

*All recommended training tools (equipment) must be purchased by client unless otherwise noted.